Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Photos of Lisbon part 2

A canon :) and a poem written in the wood, both on the Castelo

Mitja on the steep stairs / more trams

sign of the pantheon / scenic view

the streets of Lisbon

the se' (cathedral) / Conserveira de Lisboa - want some canned fish?

a loong tram road / Kristina & Mitja on the Miradouro (viewpoint) de Senhora do Monte

The chapel on the miradouro

Coming up: photos of Sintra and Belem!

Photos of Lisbon part 1

Views / The inner garden of the Lisbon castle

Panoramic view / one of the many trams

portuguese details

The 2 of us on the castle's hill / The castle

Inner courtyard / a very steep walk :)


Eduard VII parc / panoramic view

the pantheon near the thieves' market

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ay Portugal porque te quiero tanto :)


listen to the song here

Somos cantores de la tierra lusitana
Traemos canciones de los aires y del mar
Vamos llenando los balcones ventanas
De melodías del antiguo Portugal

Oporto riega en vino rojo sus laderas
De flores rojas va cubierto el litoral
Verde es el campo, verde son sus dos riberas
Los dos colores de la enseña nacional


Por qué tu tierra toda es un encanto?
Por qué? Por qué se maravilla quién te ve?
Ay Portugal Por qué te quiero tanto?
Por qué? Por qué te envidian todos, ay, por qué?

Será que tus mujeres son hermosas
Será srá que el vino alegra el corazón
Será que huelen bien tus lindas rosas
Será será que estás bañada por el sol


Oporto riega en vino rojo sus laderas
De flores rojas va cubierto el litoral
Verde es el campo, verde son sus dos riberas
Los dos colores de la enseña nacional


Photos of Guimaraes

The castel of Guimaraes / Azulejos decoration on a local church

The coffee break is a very important part of our daily routine :)

The inner courtyard of the Duke the Braganca palace / the old church inside the palace

The church of S. Miguel where the son of the first king of Portugal was said to be baptised / Mitja in the castel's courtyard

The portuguese flag on top of the castle / Guimaraes

The view from the castle's "roof" / The tiny door leading to the roof

An old portuguese woman / The duke's palace

Back home

I know we still owe you a report of our journey back home and I apologize I am late, but we needed a few days to recover :)

The last time we wrote, we were in Sintra. Next day we had a few hours left to explore Lisbon and we headed to the district of Belem (photos coming up). We visited a few sights in Belem, like the famous Tower of Belem and the church / monastery. All entrances were - oddly - free, so we saved quite some money and still visited all the major sights.

In the afternoon we took the airport bus and since we were the only 2 passengers on board it was like hiring a bus-taxi, all for ourselves :) Our flight was in the evening, we managed to buy a few bottles of wine port and ginja liquer before departure.

We arrived to Milan at about midnight, since our flight was running late and decided to oversleep on the airport and take the morning train to Gorizia from the train station. Well, our shuttle was due at about 3.20 am, so we didn't get much sleep. After the 50 minutes or so ride to the train station, we spent the next hour figuring out how to buy our train tickets from the damn machine.

Good thing we had no delays afterward, since the italian railway workers were on strike, but we had no problems with our train connections.

It was somehow weird and good coming home. Mom was waiting for us at the train station, and it was a bit of a touchy event. I do think a tear or two were also produced, but I'm not gonna say whose :)

Anyway, our backpacks are washed and ready for the next adventure :)