Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Photos of Belem, district of Lisbon

The statue in memory of the discoverers

The tower of Belem

The monastery in Belem, see also the panorama below:

(Click for a large image)

The inner courtyard of the monastery

The tomb of Vasco da Gamma / The main church

The crucified Jesus in the church

Sintra - part 2

around the palace there is a beautiful park to discover / a Walt Disney scene? :)

The national palace / a memoriam to Hans Christian Andersen

The picturesque palace / the old castle walls

a devilish detail / just another palace in Sintra (there are plenty!)

Mitja & Kristina

Getting lost and feeding swans in the palace park

Sintra, a day in a fairy tale

a crossroad noting the many sights of Sintra / a fountain

lost in the woods / or maybe not, looks we're on the right track

The surrounding of the castle ruins of Sintra / admiring huge trees

The fairy-tale palace of Sintra

In the back you see the castle wall / detail

part of the fairy tale castle / the national palace with its distinct chimneys

Friday, November 30, 2007

Panorama of Lisbon

Just recently put together ... click to enlarge and view it in full size and splendor.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Photos of Lisbon part 2

A canon :) and a poem written in the wood, both on the Castelo

Mitja on the steep stairs / more trams

sign of the pantheon / scenic view

the streets of Lisbon

the se' (cathedral) / Conserveira de Lisboa - want some canned fish?

a loong tram road / Kristina & Mitja on the Miradouro (viewpoint) de Senhora do Monte

The chapel on the miradouro

Coming up: photos of Sintra and Belem!