Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Photos of Lisbon part 2

A canon :) and a poem written in the wood, both on the Castelo

Mitja on the steep stairs / more trams

sign of the pantheon / scenic view

the streets of Lisbon

the se' (cathedral) / Conserveira de Lisboa - want some canned fish?

a loong tram road / Kristina & Mitja on the Miradouro (viewpoint) de Senhora do Monte

The chapel on the miradouro

Coming up: photos of Sintra and Belem!


Tulipa said...

I Love Lisbon. from the places in Portugal that I know Lisbon is my favourite, many because I was born there :p
The "Sé" is my favourite monument, I just feel peace whtn I go inside.

Kristina said...

Well, I really preferred Porto to Lisbon. I can't explain why, but Porto just felt better :)

Mitja said...

I have to agree with Kristina, Porto just has a thing that gets you. But it's really hard to judge only by the few days that we spent there. Would have to live there for a while to really get to know the cities.