Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Photos of Belem, district of Lisbon

The statue in memory of the discoverers

The tower of Belem

The monastery in Belem, see also the panorama below:

(Click for a large image)

The inner courtyard of the monastery

The tomb of Vasco da Gamma / The main church

The crucified Jesus in the church

Sintra - part 2

around the palace there is a beautiful park to discover / a Walt Disney scene? :)

The national palace / a memoriam to Hans Christian Andersen

The picturesque palace / the old castle walls

a devilish detail / just another palace in Sintra (there are plenty!)

Mitja & Kristina

Getting lost and feeding swans in the palace park

Sintra, a day in a fairy tale

a crossroad noting the many sights of Sintra / a fountain

lost in the woods / or maybe not, looks we're on the right track

The surrounding of the castle ruins of Sintra / admiring huge trees

The fairy-tale palace of Sintra

In the back you see the castle wall / detail

part of the fairy tale castle / the national palace with its distinct chimneys