Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Insurance Matters!

Today we are dealing with health insurance. I already have mine taken care of, while Mitja should do it any day now.

I like the feeling of having one less thing to do before departure :)

Time is running and we still haven't planned any further. At least I haven't my share. I am to organize the Morocco part until entering Portugal. Somehow I think "oh, we'll manage just fine", but on the other hand it's driving me a bit nuts not knowing where I'll sleep and what bus will I take until the next city.

I examined some of travel agency's itineraries only to find them of little use and all the same. Since we're starting in Marrakech and going upwards, I am not planning to visit the high areas and the dessert (and no camel ride for me, sadly... but maybe I'll leave that for another journey, to - let's say - Egypt :))

I think it would be a good idea to have a place to sleep day 1, since we land in late evening and I don't think we'll be much enthusiast about searching for accommodation, but for the remaining days we'll just ask around. I read an excellent article in Horizont about a couple getting hotels beds for as little as 4,00 €. But I am not sure we'll have the same luck :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our flights are booked!

So we managed to book our flights at easyJet.com. Outgoing date 5th September, flying from Milan via Madrid to Marrakesh. Return date 27th September, flying from Lisbon to Milan. Hooray! :)

42 days to go.


We are planning a Portugal & Morocco trip in September 2007 and finally we have begun some more serious work on the matter. We are currently examining transfer possibilities, airplane and train connections and planning a rough route.

Hopefully we buy the plane tickets today :)

Our 3-weeks trip will include 1 week in Morocco and 2 weeks in Portugal, low-budget and backpacking, using local transport connections and sleeping in hostel and camping grounds.

Below you can see our first rough journey plan. Will need to be updated, of course :)

Created with Google Maps.

If any of you has experiences on the subject, please use the comments to contact us! Any information will be very welcome!