Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Photos of Belem, district of Lisbon

The statue in memory of the discoverers

The tower of Belem

The monastery in Belem, see also the panorama below:

(Click for a large image)

The inner courtyard of the monastery

The tomb of Vasco da Gamma / The main church

The crucified Jesus in the church


Tulipa said...

Didn't you see the other Tomb? On the other side of Vasco da Gama? I's Luíz Camões, the greats poet of Portugal.
The Jeronimos Monastery is really beautifull. I think you've visit the right places :)

Ron said...

Something like I saw in Morocco! there are several things to see and do in Marrakech . Portugal and Morocco look like a lot! Spare me the trip to portugal:)!

Evil said...

AH tako ,.. super !